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Speech Disorders

Speech disorders may include articulation (sound substitutions or distortions), phonology (sound pattern error), apraxia of speech, tongue tie, tongue thrust, or cleft palate.  


People of all ages may stutter or have a fluency disorder, such as cluttering.  No matter the age, this can be treated and confidence in communicating can be restored.  

Language Impairment

This may include receptive language (what is being understood by the speaker) or expressive language (what is being produced by the speaker).  


Use of mnemonics, cueing techniques, and oral kinesthetics through a research-based multisensory approach that includes imagery, hand and body cues, music, and engaging stories to improve letter/sound associations, phonemic awareness, and phonics skills needed for reading and spelling.


A communication disorder that results from damage to the areas of the brain responsible for language.  This may occur after a stroke or brain injury.


Thought processes that allow people to function successfully and interact meaningfully with each other. Examples of these are: orientation, attention, memory, problem solving, and executive function. Problems with these processes may occur after a brain injury or concussion, brain tumor, stroke, or neurological degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer's.  

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